Volunteer Time Slots

Tennis experience is not required.

There are five types of volunteer positions available during the tournament: Ticket Booth, Drivers (Rec Park or BU), Ushers, Food Service, and Credentials. We also need help before (July 15-19) and after (July 29-31) the tournament. If you have time to devote for that please put it in the comment box at the bottom of the page.

This list is for Adult Volunteers. Check a box for the time slot you’d prefer in any volunteer position and Rebecca will be in contact with you shortly.

Kids 10 to 18 can sign up to be a ballrunner.

Drivers - Rec Park

Pre-Saturday July 20: 5:30-8:30Friday July 26: 5:30-8:30

Drivers - BU

Pre-Sunday July 21: 11:30-2:30Pre-Sunday July 21: 2:30-5:30Tuesday July 23: 9:30-1:30Wednesday July 24: 9:30-1:30


Friday July 26: 5:00-CloseSunday July 28: 2:00-5:00

Ticket Booth - Rec Park

Tuesday July 23: 3:00-6:00Wednesday July 24: 3:00-6:00Thursday July 25: 3:00-6:00Saturday July 27: 10:00-1:00Saturday July 27: 1:00-4:00Saturday July 27: 4:00-7:00Sunday July 28: 10:00-1:00Sunday July 28: 1:00-4:00

Ticket Booth - BU

Pre-Sunday July 21: 9:30-1:30Pre-Sunday July 21: 4:30-7:30Monday July 22: 1:30-4:30Monday July 22: 4:30-7:30Wednesday July 24: 9:30-1:30Thursday July 25: 1:30-4:30Friday July 26: 4:30-7:30

Food Service

All slots filled. Sign up to be an alternate.
Alternate (indicate preferred time in comment box)


Pre-Saturday July 20: 7:30-11:30Pre-Sunday July 21: 11:30-2:30Saturday July 27: 2:30-5:30Sunday July 28: 11:30-2:30



Use this form only to volunteer for a specific slot.
For anything else please Contact us.