Order of Play 14 July 2012

Mens Qualifying Singles

First Round Qualifying

The 4 top qualifiers will win a spot into the main draw which begins on Monday

Watch the drama this weekend as hungry pros converge on Rec Park in a fight for a few slots in the main draw


Qualifying – F Wolmarans (RSA) d [WC] K Kolev (USA) 62 61
Qualifying – M Venus (NZL) d [WC] A Assal (USA) 60 60
Qualifying – M Frank (USA) d [WC] D Difazio (USA) 62 62
Qualifying – M Sykut (USA) d S Bernstein (USA) 63 64
Qualifying – E King (USA) d [WC] S Papa (USA) 62 46 64
Qualifying – H Srugo (ISR) d [WC] A Tsai (USA) 61 61
Qualifying – A Carter (USA) d [WC] R Jakubik (USA) 61 60
Qualifying – P Daciek (USA) d [WC] A Makhkamov (UZB) 63 61

Order of Play

CENTER COURT start 10:00 AM
Qualifying – [WC] A Tsai (USA) vs H Srugo (ISR)
Qualifying – F Wolmarans (RSA) vs [WC] K Kolev (USA)
Qualifying – [WC] S Papa (USA) vs E King (USA)
Qualifying – M Venus (NZL) vs [WC] A Assal (USA)

COURT 1 start 10:00 AM
Qualifying – M Frank (USA) vs [WC] D Difazio (USA)
Qualifying – [WC] R Jakubik (USA) vs A Carter (USA)
Qualifying – M Sykut (USA) vs S Bernstein (USA)
Qualifying – [WC] A Makhkamov (UZB) vs P Daciek (USA)

Order of Play

This Day’s Draw

Qualifying Singles Draw
Qualifying Singles Draw