Order of Play 16 July 2012

Despite Mother Nature’s best efforts, the final four are chosen for the Main Draw. | The action starts Monday @ 10am


Singles – First Round
[6] J Baker (GBR) d [LL] M Sykut (USA) 75 63
B Klahn (USA) d [7] D Kudla (USA) 64 76(3)
M Yani (USA) d A Krajicek (USA) 63 76(3)
[WC] C Harrison (USA) d T Sandgren (USA) 67(2) 61 75
G Jones (AUS) d G Sakharov (FRA) 76(3) 64

Doubles – First Round
D Sela (ISR) / H Srugo (ISR) d [Q] K Kolev (USA) / T Senkevich (USA) 61 62
S Bernstein (USA) / E King (USA) d L Grigelis (LTU) / A Stoppini (ITA) 63 63
R Gonzales (PHI) / M Venus (NZL) d [WC] W Mendler (USA) / A Tsai (USA) 61 64

Qualifying Doubles – Finals
Qualifying – K Kolev (USA) / T Senkevich (USA) d A Assal (USA) / A Makhkamov (UZB) 76(7) 61
One match suspended for darkness.

Order of Play

CENTER COURT start 10:00 AM
Qualifying – K Kolev (USA) / T Senkevich (USA) vs A Assal (USA) / A Makhkamov (UZB) 33

Not Before 11:00 AM
[LL] M Sykut (USA) vs [6] J Baker (GBR)
[WC] C Harrison (USA) vs T Sandgren (USA)

Not Before 3:00 PM
[7] D Kudla (USA) vs B Klahn (USA)

Not Before 5:30 PM
M McClune (USA) vs [2] M Chiudinelli (SUI)

COURT 1 start 10:00 AM
S Bernstein (USA) / E King (USA) vs L Grigelis (LTU) / A Stoppini (ITA)

Not Before 11:00 AM
R Gonzales (PHI) / M Venus (NZL) vs [WC] W Mendler (USA) / A Tsai (USA)
M Yani (USA) vs A Krajicek (USA)
G Sakharov (FRA) vs G Jones (AUS)
Qualifier / Unknown vs D Sela (ISR) / H Srugo (ISR) – After Appropriate Rest

USTA Exhibition Match

Order of Play

Monday’s Draw

Main Draw for Monday 16 July 2012

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