Tuesday Order of Play

Main draw competition will begin at 10 a.m. Tuesday with singles action on three courts. There are 14 main draw singles matches slated, with every seeded player due to be in action at Rec Park.

Top seeded players in yellow.


start 10:00 am
[WC] J. Hiltzik (USA) vs M. Krueger (USA)
[5] N. Rubin (USA) vs [Alt] L. Glasspool (GBR)
[WC] D. Nevolo (USA) vs [3] S. Kozlov (USA)
[1] Q. Halys (FRA) vs B. Klein (GBR)

Not Before 5:30 pm
S. Bangoura (USA) vs [8] T. Paul (USA)


start 10:00 am
B. Mitchell (AUS) vs N. Meister (USA)
[4] J. Smith (AUS) vs L. Broady (GBR)
[Q] E. King (USA) vs [9] A. Golubev (KAZ)
[Q] J. Statham (NZL) vs [7] G. Clezar (BRA)

Not Before 5:00 pm
H. Moriya (JPN) vs [PR] B. Kavcic (SLO)


start 10:00 am
M. Reid (AUS) vs [WC] T. Kwiatkowski (USA)
[WC] M. Mmoh (USA) vs D. Nguyen (USA)
[6] D. King (BAR) vs [LL] F. Tearney (NZL)
[Q] E. Crepaldi (ITA) vs S. Barry (IRL)

The 2016 Levene Gouldin & Thompson Tennis Challenger Main Draw

Mens Singles and Doubles

2016 main draw