Wednesday Order of Play

Main draw competition will continue Wednesday at 10 a.m. with both singles and doubles action on all three courts. Binghamton University men’s head tennis coach Nick Zieziula and doubles partner Billy Mendler will be the featured match of the day when they take on fellow Americans Thai-Son Kwiatkowski and Tommy Paul on Center Court at 5:30 p.m.


start 10:00 am
E. Gomez (ECU) vs [Q] A. Vukic (AUS)

Not Before 11:00 am
D. Nguyen (USA) vs [3] S. Kozlov (USA)
[6] D. King (BAR) vs [WC] T. Kwiatkowski (USA)
[1] D. O’Brien (RSA) / R. Roelofse (RSA) vs Q. Halys (FRA) / S. Kozlov (USA)

Not Before 5:30 pm
[WC] W. Mendler (USA) / N. Zieziula (USA) vs [WC] T. Kwiatkowski (USA) / T. Paul (USA)


start 10:00 am
Y. Uchiyama (JPN) vs R. Ramanathan (IND)

Not Before 11:00 am
[Alt] L. Glasspool (GBR) vs N. Meister (USA)
After Appropriate Rest – S. Barry (IRL) / Y. Uchiyama (JPN) vs [WC] A. Lawson (USA) / J. Withrow (USA)
After Appropriate Rest – N. Meister (USA) / E. Quigley (USA) vs [2] M. Reid (AUS) / J. Smith (AUS)
E. Crepaldi (ITA) / E. King (USA) vs [4] S. Bangoura (USA) / D. O’hare (IRL)


start 10:00 am
[Q] J. Benitez Chavarriaga (COL) / R. Smith (USA) vs J. Chaplin (AUS) / B. Mitchell (AUS)

Not Before 11:00 am
[Q] E. Crepaldi (ITA) vs [9] A. Golubev (KAZ)
[Q] J. Statham (NZL) vs [7] G. Clezar (BRA) 67(2) 75 00

Not Before 2:30 pm
After Appropriate Rest – L. Glasspool (GBR) / B. Klein (GBR) vs M. Krueger (USA) / D. Nguyen (USA)
[3] A. Golubev (KAZ) / J. Nedunchezhiyan (IND) vs L. Broady (GBR) / G. Clezar (BRA)

Wednesday’s Draw

LGT Challenger draw beginning july 20