$25 Tournament Pass (Daily passes available)

Available at the gate.


Day Tennis Events
Monday 7/22 1st Round of Singles Free Admission
Tuesday 7/23 1st Round of Singles & Doubles  
Wednesday 7/24 2nd Round of Singles & Doubles Fast Serve Contest,
Dog Adopt-A-Thon,
USTA Member Appreciation Day
Thursday 7/25 2nd Round of Singles & Doubles Dick’s Youth Tennis Clinic + more,
Pickleball Demo
Friday 7/26 Quarter Finals of Singles Dick’s Sporting Goods Tennis Challenge,
Net Generation Demo,
VIP Event Under the Big Tent
Saturday 7/27 Semi-Finals of Singles & Doubles Wilson Free for All,
CoreLife Eatery / Moe’s VIP Lunch
Sunday 7/28 Singles & Doubles Finals Sugar Lips Ice Cream Shop VIP Brunch

Tournament History

a great place for kids to volunteer

The LG&T Tennis Challenger is a USTA Pro Circuit Challenger event that attracts top ranked tennis players from around the world. Many countries are represented each year.

Our Binghamton Challenger is the only professional tennis Challenger tournament in Upstate New York and one of only a few in the northeast and midatlantic. We’ve seen some of the greats over the years, on their way to becoming stars.

The Challenger Tournament brings both Binghamton and Upstate New York a unique opportunity to host and view an international professional tennis tournament, while also helping to support charities at home. Binghamton Challenger tennis has helped raise thousands of dollars for charity since its inaugural year, 1994.

Past Champs

2018 Singles Champ Jay Clarke

Mens Singles Champion

Jay Clarke (GBR)


Jay Clarke (GBR) d Jordan Thompson (AUS) 67(6) 76(5) 64


Cameron Norrie (GBR) d Jordan Thompson (AUS) 64 06 64


Darian King (BAR) d Mitchell Krueger (USA) 62 63


Kyle Edmund (GBR) d Bjorn Fratangelo (USA) 62 63

Complete list of Past Winners



tournament info at the gazeebo

$25 for a tournament pass

Get your pass at the gazeebo when you get to Rec Park.

Day General Admission
Mon-Thurs $3/day
Fri-Sun $6/day
Tournament Pass $25

Student tickets: Under 12 $1/day; Ages 12-18 $2/day Mon-Sun.

Area Info

george f in rec park

Greater Binghamton, population of 220,000, is located in central southern NY. It is an hour drive from Syracuse, NY (to the North) and Scranton, Pa. (to the South); about 3 hours from Buffalo, Albany, Philadelphia and NYC.

Binghamton’s heritage can be tied to unique success in business. Binghamton saw spectacular growth between the mid-1800s and the mid-1900s with a large cigar manufacturing operation, Endicott Johnson shoes, and IBM all uniquely thriving in the area. Binghamton became known as the Parlor City, due to the large parlors of the houses being built during the boom of the Industrial Revolution.

Current larger employers include Universal Instruments(electronics manufacturing), Lockheed Martin(defense and government systems), L3 Communications (simulator), IBM/EIT (computer hardware/software), Binghamton University and Maines (Food). There are significant cultural contributions resulting from these business successes, creating many attractions relative to the size of the community. Some attractions include the BC Open, SpiedieFest, the Chris Thater Races, Carousels, Festivals, BMets baseball, BSens hockey, this Challenger Event, Binghamton University, Performing Arts, good golf, and the Zoo.

Prize Money

capdeville accepting a winning check

The ATP points players earn at the Levene Gouldin & Thompson Tennis Challenger and how the $75,000 in prize money breaks down:

Round Prize Money Entry Points
Winner 7,200 80
Finals 4,240 48
Semifinals 2,510 29
Quarterfinals 1,460 15
R16 860 7
R32 520 3
R48 260
Doubles (per team)
Winner 3,100
Finals 1,800
Semifinals 1,080
Quarterfinals 640
R16 360